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Best Barefoot Trail Running Shoes

xero terraflex

They were definitely designed for messes on indoor floors and not snow or ice. Proverb has produced a zero waste, natural vegan deodorant that works great and is easy to use. If you’d like to support Gear Report for free, please use the links below for online shopping. Use our Best Price Search page to find the best deals on any product you are looking for. You can find a lot more links on our Merchant Links page. “I believe the forefoot strike is the engine of endurance running…”

  • The Evolv Geshido Velcro Women’s vegan climbing shoe is a fantastic all-round performer for the intermediate climber looking to progress.
  • However, the time it takes to build sufficient foot strength is dependent on the user.
  • It’s a slightly shorter hike back to my house than the trail up the other side so they wouldn’t get as dry feeling but I would normally set them out on my deck to finish drying.
  • It has an amazing tread and can easily accompany you on a gentle walk, a long hike, or even a muddy trail run.
  • Groundies Performance sneakers have the appearance of a wedge heel so you can get that retro sneaker vibe and still be aligned and comfortable!
  • The main improvement I would recommend is more sizing consistency among their different shoes models and to provide a sizing guide or template on their site.

The laces are pretty big but due to my high arches are barely long enough. I have this problem with many shoes and often omit lacing the shoe all the way to the top.

I have never felt surer of my footing on the trail than since I started hiking in these lightweight hikers. Simply put, if your feet hurt while hiking and you’re looking to make a change to a lighter shoe, Then these NEED to be on your list. They look great, they hike amazing, and they dry fast after creek crossings. The only gripes we had was that is super wet mud, the tread clogged up pretty bad.

Preliminary Review

The Terraflex is the ultimate combination shoe. I was told it’s ideal for running, trails and hiking and offers more grip than the Prio. The brand also offers a specific casual hiking boot called the DayLite Hiker for those just into walking. But I opted for the Terraflex and excitedly waited for its arrival. As someone who is relatively new to a minimalist shoe, I’m still surprised about how comfortable the TerraFlex can be. Short training runs are rewarded with a fast-feeling shoe, and longer runs lead to increased foot strength due to the innate flexibility of the shoe.

xero terraflex

The toe box feels a little stiff – may need a bit of break in time while the heel didn’t need any break in time and zero chaffing. Toe box doesn’t look especially wide and didn’t feel very wide but could be a sizing issue since Sean’s toe box and size was fine.

One foot after longer hikes the ball of my foot is in pain. Hurts as if you have several https://xero-accounting.net/ small pebbles lodged at the ball of my foot or painful blisters, but I don’t.

Blisters, lose of toenails and bunions can all result from wearing shoes that are even 0.5 size too small. These are common ailments of beginner runners.

This would be especially helpful for the Prio and Terraflex because the brand recommends you buy a 1/2 size larger than your normal shoe size. We finished this short trip with a much steeper uphill climb out of the valley. The climb was a starkly different test of the TerraFlex shoes, as grip was at a premium. The XeroShoes did well on the hike out of the valley, only slipping a bit on the steepest and most thoroughly leaf covered section of the trail. The WrightSock Escape socks I was wearing did a good job of keeping my wet feet warm even in the slightly above freezing creek water. Xero Shoes has hit it out of the park with the Terra Flex, and we are looking forward to what they continue to release in the minimalist category.

New! Xero Shoes Terraflex Trail Shoe Women’s Size 8

This renders the teeth a little useless but I don’t think any other shoes should do a whole lot better. The mud did clear out pretty easily which got us right back into feeling invincible in these. When wearing these on concrete I am starting to feel the lugs through the bottom of the shoe as well… I don’t experience that on trails so I wouldn’t use these much on concrete.

The outer mesh on the Xero Shoes Terraflex isn’t waterproof but is breathable. It has a larger weave than the inner mesh, with a little bit of stretch in it. There’s also has a netted fabric overlayed which appears to give the mesh extra strength.

Many minimalist or barefoot-style shoes are so thin that you may feel like your feet have been put through a meat grinder after a long run on technical trails. The Terraflex gives enough protection, without relying on unwanted cushion or support. They have an excellent rand, which is the real weak-spot of many lightweight trail shoes. And their traditional construction means that they can be repaired and even re-soled, in contrast to the throwaway construction of glued and welded shoes. One potential limitation I was not able to explore in my testing was the Terraflex’ performance in wet conditions.

Yes, it’s a minimal shoe but I still think there is room for improvement in the rock plate. Every now and then, during a fast downhill, I would step on a sharp rock with the arch of my foot and really feel the sting. The rugged 6.5mm FeelTrue® sole, including 4mm lugs for confident traction, provides the perfect combination of protection and ground feel for any off-road activity. The embedded 3mm layer of TrailFoam™ provides added comfort and protection and the toe bumper helps guard against unexpected bumps you encounter along your way. You should be able to put a thumbs width at the end of your toe box, between your big toe and the pointy end of the shoe.

xero terraflex

Whatever rubber compound Xero Shoes uses is especially durable as well. My TerraFlex have seen six months of regular use on packed dirt trails, roads, and one backpacking trip and are holding up well. Especially since the TerraFlex is my main running shoe. Wide so that the fingers have mobility, without bridge and zero drop. I have worn the Xero TerraFlex on five overnight trips and numerous day hikes. All but one of my trips were on local trails near my home in northeast Alabama and the other was at Cloudland Canyon State Park in northwest Georgia.

Womens’ Size 5us

Pull the straps through the ankle holes in the sole, and then lock them in place with the laces. It is common for people to have one foot that is slightly bigger than the other. Our tip is that you should buy shoes that fit the larger foot . Here are the best shoe size conversion charts – in US, UK, European, and inches, for men’s, kid’s and women’s shoes. Make sure to order a half-size larger than normal. I’ve had to stay on them to receive a refund for a pair of shoes that were too small.

I wanted something a bit softer and more flexible through the arch than the Merrell Trail Glove, and these shoes do fit that bill. I have not run in them, and I might have to send them back, because the outside of the shoe comes up quite high on my ankle and I think rubbing will be a problem. This might not be a problem with the men’s fit.

  • With the help of my friends, I tested and reviewed all 3 new models.
  • I made a mistake buying these but at least I got them at a discount so I’m not out a hundred dollars.
  • And the soles separated at the toe after a few miles.
  • Xero Terraflex – Women’s – $99.99The Terraflex also comes in a women’s version so check them out in the Xero Shoes storeif you’re interested.
  • While I don’t mind wet feet for a day or two, over a protracted period wet conditions raise the risk of blisters, and shoes with soft uppers sometimes take a long time to dry.
  • These shoes were gifted from Xero Shoes, but this post is not sponsored.

Sure, the flexibility of the shoe allows my feet to conform to whatever obstacle I tread, and that feeling of stability is nice. Sheer downhill angles on rock are still a major issue because stability doesn’t matter if you’re sliding like I was. Xero Shoes are also guaranteed against manufacturer xero terraflex defects for 12 months from the date of purchase. I was talking about more padding relative to a hard-core minimal shoe like the Vivo Trail shoe, which has a thin sole and no mid-sole. I’ve done long alpine walks in this kind of minimal footwear, and my feet got a bit bruised.

Xero Shoes Terraflex

Then we’ve added a lugged sole for grip, and embedded 3mm of Barefoam™ inside the sole for extra protection and comfort. I liked the balance and traction I got in them. Found them ok on rocky terrain up to about miles per day . Loved them on trails (although you’re right about the tread,.. almost injured myself slipping on a steep descent). Hated them on tarmac and gravel (about 80% of the trip). I don’t have the experience to know if all shoes suck on these surfaces but I do know my knees felt it in this pair. Also in terms of durability, I walked until they gave in when the sole peeled away from the top of the shoe.

I will post a long term review when I have properly put the shoes through their paces. I had hoped to wear them for the second half of my Great English Walk in April but they didn’t arrive in time. I believe that orders placed with the UK site will be delivered quickly. For a size 9, which makes them on the light side for most trail shoes. My problem with most other trail shoes that I see in stores is their large insoles, which means they fail in this category in my book. Personally, I prefer a shoe with less cushion so it doesn’t absorb water like a giant sponge when going through water obstacles.

Barefoot Shoe Discounts

I was honestly considering the TerraFlex as my thru-hiking shoe for my 2019 Appalachian Trail attempt, but after my last backpacking trip in North Georgia that idea quickly vanished. At this point in time I had been wearing the TerraFlex for three months and was starting to not experience a tired foot after trail runs. Even with a total pack weight of 23 pounds I experienced some major foot fatigue that left me limping. Frankly, this was most likely user error as I should have strengthened my feet more to carry that extra weight. They’re great for summer running, and obviously not ideal for winter conditions (although some people have been known to wear them with toe-socks and microspikes). I’ve found they require very careful foot placement on steep and slanted surfaces, otherwise the straps can bite painfully into soft skin. That said, the winner in last year’s SRT Run/Hike’s 70-mile division wore sandals, so they’re worth considering for ultralight hiking as well as trail racing.

xero terraflex

Provided that you’re used to a flexible zero drop shoe, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for ultra-distance trail races and multi-day fastpack adventures. One last observation from the Walls of Jericho trip. I had never hiked this far or had to gain as much elevation during my other overnighter or day hikes.

However, the wool socks I hung on my hammock ridgeline were also damp, so obviously, drying conditions were poor. I had on a clean pair of socks for sleeping and chose to just keep them on for the hike out. It took me from 9 AM till noon to hike out but I rested frequently.

Anyways, this was the first time my calves got a little sore after a trip. I’m pretty sure that on the long hike back up the side of the mountain I was stretching my calves more than normal with every step and the low heel of the TerraFlex only exacerbated this.

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