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Art Pro Mpa Ii find out here Microphone Preamp

My output would vary not only in level, but tone as well until I switched. I found that after I did that, it worked much better. Now that I had that solved, I tried the digital end of it…ugh.


  • A continuously variable 15 to 150Hz High Pass Filter at the input increases control of the microphone source.
  • Is an audio agency made up of music producers and audio engineers looking to make the internet a better sounding place through education and our list of creative audio services.
  • The +20 dB gain gives you an extra boost before the signal hits the tube, allowing you to get a driven tube sound on quieter sources.
  • Im using RME Pro AD DA converter and they make a perfect combination for mixing and mastering hybrid.

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Stocked with high-quality, American-made components, the Tone Beast is a fan favourite that outperforms all competitors in its price range. These one-channel vintage style microphone preamplifiers feature circuitry find out here based on the famous Neve 1073, considered among the best-sounding preamps of all time. They offer the project studio market sound character that is warm, punchy, sweet and musical, cutting absolutely zero corners in their assembly, components, sound, or overall value.

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When you live in an apartment you really can’t have the thundering volume spikes that movies love to toss in at you. Pop this baby in the chain before your speakers, set things up with your ears, and sit back and relax. The top end is retained, the lows are tamed and the stereo image is still clear. Don’t go out and buy a stereo pair of 1176’s and LA-2A’s, just buy this. Alright, I usually never write reviews…but…HOLY SMOKES!

This Can Be Made Into A Great Pre

I swapped the Chines tubes with 2 Mullard 12AX7’s. I tracked half of Sho Baraka’s Lions and Liars album with an Avant CV-12 going through this. Even though I have some more expensive pre’s now I still use this in the studio. You can really saturate your tone or simply warm it up a bit. I haven’t drastically changed my tone with with it, but I know it’s capable.

Great Sounding, Versatile Unit

Their Tube MP Studio V3 features V3 Technology , which provides optimized reference points to begin the recording process. V3 delivers a wide variety of settings designed for various microphones and DI inputs, including guitars, basses, keyboards, synths, electronic drums and much more. Go with the real thing — the Tube MP by ART. The PRO MPA is one of the finest microphone preamplifiers available.

They are also very sensitive to tube upgrades. I have tried many many tube types and I have JAN Phillips 5751s in. They made a pretty significant improvement over the stock tubes. It’s made a bit cheaply but sounds very good. With level matched A/B/ testing, it has beat out…LA610, Daking, UA 510, Peavey VMP, Analog Black Box and many others.

Art Pro Mpa Ii Specifications

The shootout was pretty serious gear and the ART MPA did very very well. If you have the budget the usual route here is a transformer based preamp with either descrete transistors or tubes which generally means $500 – $5000 per channel. Some people find built in micpreamps to be a bit too clear and clinical and are looking for something to give them a more full sound on the way in. In addition to XLR and 1/4″ analog outputs, the Digital MPA-II features a high quality A to D converter which offers digital connectivity on S/PDIF, ADAT, or AES/EBU outputs. A rotary control on the front panel allows selection of format and sample rates from 44.1 to 192 KHz and 16 bit dithering.